Category: Meal Prep

Chicken & Sweet Potato Hash

One of favorite things to use when we go camping is our cast iron skillet! This five ingredient Chicken & Sweet Potato Hash was delish and so easy to make. This recipe takes a long time with marinading time, however, could be sped up if making or baking at home.


Colombian Carnitas Marinade

Ya’ll know I love anything that can start as a base for tacos, and this citrus marinade is no exception! I wanted to adapt a typical citrus carnitas marinade recipe to include the Naranjilla (Colombian citrus) puree from our friends at Wislla Distribution. However, if you can’t find this from your local Mexican grocery store, you could sub that out with orange or lemon juice in equal quantities.


Bomb A$$ Adobo Chicken

The name says it all – this really is the most bomb a$$ chicken we’ve made so far!! Spicy and citrus-y and oh so juicy, this chicken would be great in anything from nachos to tacos to a smoky chicken salad!