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Copycat Sonny’s BBQ Cornbread

Recipe Background:

My most popular recipe on the blog, this Copycat Sonny’s BBQ cornbread recipe is a crowd favorite! Went to Sonny’s BBQ* years ago and fell in love with their cornbread, and this is my homemade spin on their classic taste. We also recipe-tested multiple gluten-free cornbread mixes over the holidays to see which ones would work best with our existing recipe. These substitutions are below for making this Gluten-free as well! Check out another blog here for more kid-friendly and easy-to-make recipes at home with your family.

Recipe Notes:

  • You can substitute almond milk or oat milk here if you have other allergens.
  • For the Gluten-free recipe, use Bob’s Red Mill or King Arthur’s 1-to-1 conversion flour for the flour step below. You may need upwards of 1/4 of extra flour if the batter is looking too wet (this is a tip for both the GF and regular versions).
  • **For GF Cornbread mixes – We amended the ingredients on the GF side of this recipe based on what was needed for the most readily available box mixes we could test for us here in South Carolina. If you’re using a different box mix, use the recommended added ingredients they need to make the original recipe, then add the extra ingredients for our recipe, and follow the temperature they require on the box.
  • Doubling the original recipe is great for parties, it serves twice the amount of people and comes out amazing in a cast-iron skillet too! My pictures above show me making a double batch of the original, here are those quantities:
    • 2 boxes Jiffy Cornbread Mix
    • 2 Eggs
    • 2/3 cup Soy milk (unsweetened original)
    • 2 (8 oz.) cans of Creamed Corn
    • 1/2 cup Sugar
    • 2 heaping tbsp. Flour
    • The instructions below remain the same. You may need to bake the doubled batch 10-15 mins longer depending on the pan or oven you use. We have not attempted to double the GF version yet, however, if you’d like us to add those instructions as well, let us know in the comments below!

*Please note: My interpretation of this recipe or the opinions on this recipe is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or the thoughts of Sonny’s BBQ Restaurant or its affiliates.


Lorie’s Corn Casserole

This is a side dish that Jamie’s Aunt Lorie always made around the holidays. She’s since passed it onto Jamie’s mom, who took over making it, and now us! This creamy, cheesy corn casserole makes the perfect addition to any festive table, and it’s super simple too! Let us know what you think of this in the comments, we love to hear your thoughts.


Pickled Cabbage & Onions

This was our first try at pickling anything and it turned out amazing (not to #humblebrag or anything). Had a head of cabbage and a a few types of onions to use, which added both flavor, crunch, & color to these beauties. The spices in this recipe could be subbed out or changed based on availability or preference – get creative with your pickled veggies!


Chicken Stock Recipe

I try to not waste any part of the chicken when I have a rotisserie or whole chicken on hand, so I always keep whatever leftover meat and bones on hand to make chicken stock! This recipe is perfect to freeze, as a base for soups, stews, and you can season this to your liking.


Peach Salsa

Spice (and sweeten) up your sides! This is a perfect seasonal southern spin on a homemade salsa with our Peach Salsa recipe using local Abbott’s Farms peaches! We made this as a part of my parent’s 32nd-anniversary dinner, where each course had a peach element. Check out the full blog for the rest of the menu and recipes here.


Green Beans Pecan-dine

A unique play on Green Beans Almondine, but with pecans! This simple side dish I’ve dubbed “Green Beans Pecan-dine”, is made with green beans, butter, pecans, salt, & lemon juice. Super tasty, tangy, and crunchy, I’ve also seen people add cheese to it and it’s delish! We made this as a part of the themed dinner for my parent’s 32nd-anniversary dinner, where each course had a peach element. Check out the full blog for the rest of the menu and recipes here later on.

Recipe Notes:

  • If green beans aren’t in season when you make this recipe, feel free to sub in 1 (9 oz) package of frozen French-cut green beans instead!
  • This is a play on the original Green Beans Almondine recipe, which I kept about the same, except subbing in the pecans. Feel free to make it with the almonds if you’d like!
  • I’ve also seen versions where they added up to a 1/2 cup of Asiago, Parm, or some other sharp-aged cheese to this and it turned out delicious. I would use VioLife’s Just Like Parm parm if making it vegan or a Manchego cheese if wanting to go the non-dairy sheep’s cheese route.

Arepas – Corn & Cheese Pancakes

When I was younger, we used to have Peruvian friends who would invite us to their house to have supper, and they made us Arepas – corn and cheese pancakes. They added little bits of queso fresco to their batter before cooking, and I have made them that way ever since they taught me how to make them all those years ago! We also made these as a part of the themed dinner for my parent’s 32nd-anniversary dinner, where each course had a peach element. Check out the full blog for the rest of the menu and recipes here.


Chicken Veggie Soup

This is my mom’s recipe for homemade chicken veggie soup!

It’s one of our two favorite family go-to soups whenever it’s chilly outside, someone has a cold or needs a little warmth in their heart. This is also a fairly quick recipe to put together and make quite a bit of leftover, which also freeze well!