Hi, my name is Sarah, I love recipe testing, longs walks on the beach with my Goldendoodle, Waylon, and discovering new cuisines and restaurants to share with you! Thanks so much for the love and support of my foodie adventures :)


  • Cathy Benson 3 years ago

    Wonderful edition. We have our Greek Fest in Sept. Lebanese 2 diff ones in early and mid fall. I love stuffed grape leaves as well and make a good tszeki sauce (Sp) Athens Corner Grill is a fav of mine here in Roanoke.
    Loved all of the foodie places you visited. I made those thick tortillas with Abuelita and Arturo’s mother. It is a social occasion when the ladies make tortillas.
    Brittany would love the bakery! Good kob!

    • Cathy Benson 3 years ago

      Job. LoL

    • Smoore1917 3 years ago

      I’ve made homemade arepas before, they’re a small Columbian or Peruvian corn pancake stuffed with queso fresco and they’re super yummy! I’d love to try making homemade tortillas too

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