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Weekend Foodie Warriors – Take 43!

Hello hello, again, Foodie Friends πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great weekend! For this edition of Foodie Adventures, join us at Mac’s Speed Shop for our Friday Night date, a recap of Mother’s Day last weekend with mom, two brand new recipe from our Colombian Puree Project, and making homemade lasagna!


Weekend Foodie Warriors- Take 9!

Hope you had a fantastic Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo weekend- another holiday double whammy! In this edition of Foodie Adventures, I’ll be jam packing 4 new adventures in — Master’s Graduation Ceremony, Asian Supermarket road-trip, Farmhouse Pizza, and a day at the Greenville Drive game!


Weekend Foodie Warriors- Take 5!

Hello hello, again, Foodie Friends πŸ™‚ Let’s get right to it! In this edition of Foodie Adventures, I’ll be jam packing 5 new adventures in — Opening Day at the ballpark, Food with family, Shalom Fest, Automatic Taco Truck Thursday, and a sneak peak of my next blog coming out this week!


Mom's (in)Famous Cheesecake

One of my favorite things in the world is baking with my mom. When I was little, she would sit my sister and I down and tell us stories about her growing up in kitchens and learning from great people.

One of the things I love doing is taking recipes my mom has passed down and making them more my own in a small way, like the first time I recently made Peanut Butter Cheesecake. My boyfriend just celebrated a big milestone and this was his one dessert request!

However, we had never changed mom’s recipe before and it’s a family secret (not giving this one away, I would be disowned if I spilled the beans πŸ™Š) , so I will link a recipe I used as a reference for how much peanut butter to use here (we actually cut it down to 3/4 cup):

Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Servings: 1 big cheesecake (using spring-form pan) or 20-24 cupcake sized versions

Prep Time: 10-30 mins.

Cooking Time: 15 mins- 1 hour, plus 30 mins to let cheesecake cool down after oven is turned off

How was your weekend Foodie Friends? Are there any secret family recipes that your family holds dear? Sound out in the comments below or let me know suggestions of where I should check out next. As always, feel free to like, comment, and share πŸ€—


Meal Prep Tuesday!

In the next few weeks, I’ll be updating my blog with meal prep ideas from HelloFresh, as my friend gifted us a discount and I’m taking you on my meal kit journey with me (#notsponsored #notanad)! I won’t be posting the recipes from these as they’re already written for us, so check out the pictures tab for the full recipe and more in-depth cooking shots.

Mediterranean Salmon

As (I think) I’ve mentioned before, I’m originally from New England, and I absolutely love seafood, so this salmon dish really caught my eye in the weekly meal lineup.

A long time ago, my parents introduced me to Middle Eastern food, and this Mediterranean salmon reminded me of the times we would go visit this little Lebanese restaurant in Pennsylvania on the way to see family. HelloFresh made it easier to recreate the flavors of some of my favorite food with this recipe!

With every HelloFresh meal kit, it gives you all the ingredients – Minus salt, pepper, and usually some sort of oil or butter. It also wants you to go fetch a few different pans or utensils that you may or may not have to complete the recipe.

For the first part of the recipe, it called for zesting and cutting a lemon into wedges, and taking the dill fronds off of the stems and finally chopping. In the meantime, I boiled about 1/2 cup of water and 1 tbls. of butter in a pan before I threw in the couscous and quickly took it off the stove. It absorbed the water in the next 10 minutes as it rested.

Next was getting that crispy salmon skin!

I salt and peppered the salmon on both sides and put it skin side down in a pan with vegetable oil. It took about 5 minutes on the skin side* and another 2 to 4 minutes to cook the salmon all the way through on the back.

While the salmon cooked, I made the creamy dill sauce, with a combination of the two sour cream packets, half the lemon zest, the juice of two lemon wedges, and a tablespoon of our chopped dill. I salt and peppered that to taste as well!

I also fluffed the couscous with a fork and added the remaining lemon zest, some salt, pepper, and half of the zaatar spice, and stirred until fully combined.

Next was cooking the green beans, which took about three minutes in a steaming bag in the microwave.

Once those came out of the microwave, they went in a bowl tossed with butter, salt, and pepper, to taste.

The only thing left was to Plate it Up! πŸ€—πŸ½

I was having lunch catered in the office yesterday, so luckily I only needed four lunches for this week, or else I would have needed to include more vegetables, couscous, and salmon to extend the recipe.** The directions suggested the couscous go down first, followed by the green beans, salmon, and top it with the creamy dill sauce, the remaining dill, and the rest of the zaatar spices.

  • Notes:
    • *One of the tips it suggested for getting really crispy skin was to press down with a spatula while it was skin side down to get the best surface contact while it was touching the pan.
    • **The recipe only says it contains two servings, however, if you have a bigger appetite than I do at lunch or weren’t trying to meal prep, this definitely wouldn’t last you as long as it will for me.