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Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuits

Our recipe for a homemade, gluten-free version of the buttermilk biscuits your southern grandmamma would make! One of the things my mom missed when becoming gluten-free were things she could eat at breakfast bread-wise, so being able to recipe test and find a great gluten-free biscuit alternative to the normal recipe we use was exciting.


Stained Glass Shortbread Cookies

This recipe for Stained Glass Shortbread Cookies started out of the cookbook my mom first got for me, which I added pink candies to for the Valentines Day holiday! I would definitely experiment with different candies in this recipe, as I used peach gummy candies in mine the first time, and the shortbread was so soft that it crumbles as you bite into it and you’re left with this chewy candy afterward. Make sure you make these bite-sized to accommodate for that!


Purim Hamantaschen

This was an awesome experience for me. I got to spend the weekend with my Jewish friends who introduced me to Purim, the holiday that celebrates Esther’s courage and smarts saving the Israelites from being wrongly murdered at the hands of the King’s jealous right-hand man, Haman, who had a god complex. Super interesting story, but back to the cookies!

I had never made Hamantaschen before, so I offered to make a homemade apple raspberry compote as a filling (see rectangular Tupperware above), and man, was that a hit! I had to stop people from double-dipping into it before we got through making the cookies. It would be delicious on bagels, muffins, over ice cream, on waffles, you name it! We’ll put that into recipe form in the future so stay tuned for that.

The cookies, which translate to “ears of Haman”, are supposed to represent either Haman’s ears or the three-cornered hat he used to wear. They make the cookies in this shape to make fun of him, to a point (haha see what I did there 😂). Starting from the top down (second picture, second row above), the flavors we made were:

  • Black Current (my British Grandma would’ve been proud)
  • Apricot (very traditional Hamantaschen flavor, I was told)
  • Homemade Raspberry Apple jam (the next two rows down)
  • Black Raspberry
  • & Strawberry

The cookie dough batter, a recipe from a blog by Tori Avey, reminded me of almost a shortbread cookie dough and had a hint of orange zest in them, which paired really well with the super sweet jams and jellies in the middle. The link to her recipe is here.

Check out this blog to see slideshows of more pictures, along with talking about making this and another type of cookie for Two Cookie Thursday here.


Almond Peach Cobbler

I made this Almond Peach Cobbler with some more local, South Carolina peaches!

The hardest part about this is blanching the peaches to remove the skins, which I’ve included instructions on how to complete below.

This comes out really moist and almost cake-like, and the almonds and brown sugar on top give it a great added crunch!