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Easy No Crust Apple Pie

This recipe for Easy No Crust Apple Pie was passed down to me from my grandpa on my mom’s side. We called him Papa! Some of my favorite recipes come from him, and we plan on adding more to the website this year.

A super easy dessert to make with kids requires less than 11 ingredients. It’s great to get rid of all the leftover fruit you have in your fridge!

The vessel you bake it in will change whether it turns out more “pie”-like or “cake”-like. This is based on how much space the “crust” is given to rise. As you can see by my pictures above, we used a shorter, stouter baking dish, so it turned out more cake-like. However, if you were to make this in a traditional pie tin, you would achieve a shallower “crust”.

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Ingredient Notes:


Rhubarb Raspberry Ginger Coffee Cake

Growing up, I always remember my grandma having rhubarb in her garden and helping her make homemade strawberry rhubarb pies. 🥧 This is my non-dairy take on her classic rhubarb coffee cake recipe, with a raspberry ginger twist! This Rhubarb Raspberry Ginger Coffee Cake is perfect with a cup of tea, coffee, or a brunch get-together and makes a great snack warmed up.


Dairy-Free Microwave Fudge

This is my mom’s favorite recipe for our super easy microwave fudge, made dairy-free by me! Tastes exactly like you spent hours making it but it only takes about 10 minutes of cooking time. Fun for the kiddos to help with too and super easy to add extra ingredients to, see below for some other fun variations we’ve made before.


Orange Apple Crumble

This Orange Apple Crumble was a from scratch recipe that I threw together one night, inspired by some apples that I needed to finish, along with the awesome creamy orange coconut jam we made last month (see that recipe here). This can be edited for whatever jam or granola you have too!


Guava Crumble Bars

This Guava jam crumble bar recipe was a great use of the jam we made through our Puree Project (check out our blog about that here) with Wislla Distribution! These bars have an oat and graham cracker base, which gives great texture and flavor without adding too much sugar to the jam and topping. Check out the recipe for these below and let us know if you make these!


Guava Pastries – Two Ways

Check out these two takes, one #nondairy friendly guava-only pastry, and one take on a traditional Cuban guava and cream cheese pastry using our recipe for Guava jam we made through our Puree Project (check out our blog about that here) w/Wislla Distribution! These two were both delish, but I think I liked the solely guava version better, as it let the fruit flavor shine through. Check out both versions below and let us know what you think!


Guava Shortbread Sandwich Cookies

Check out these delicious Guava Shortbread Sandwich Cookies, made possible through our Puree Project (more on our blog here) with Wislla Distribution! These were so fun and easy to put together and were probably our favorite things we made with the guava jam recipe!


Luscious Lemon Cake

This is probably the best lemon cake recipe we’ve made and I’m so happy to share it with you all! The filling and frosting for the Lucious Lemon cake are to die for!! This recipe can be made both Gluten-free and Dairy free really easily, check out the recipe below for our suggestions or substitutions.


Gluten-Free Buttermilk Biscuits

Our recipe for a homemade, gluten-free version of the buttermilk biscuits your southern grandmamma would make! One of the things my mom missed when becoming gluten-free were things she could eat at breakfast bread-wise, so being able to recipe test and find a great gluten-free biscuit alternative to the normal recipe we use was exciting.