Hi, my name is Sarah, I love recipe testing, longs walks on the beach with my Goldendoodle, Waylon, and discovering new cuisines and restaurants to share with you! Thanks so much for the love and support of my foodie adventures :)


  • AnonymousFoodie101 1 year ago

    I love hearing about your amazing and unique excursions! The fact that you spread the word of the charity through the blog media, really shows your warm-hearted personality. The details that you go into makes me feel like I’m right f***ing there. Family is important, its always nice to see siblings together (I’d like to be part of your family lol.)

    XOXO Anonymous Foodie 101

    • Smoore1947 1 year ago

      Hi Foodie Friend,

      Thanks so much for the feedback! It’s always great to hear what people think of the blogs – my favorites are the ones about sharing food with family and friends, or where I can shine light on great causes around food.
      My sister and I love spending time together too, I always value the time I spend with her and the friends I think of as family too.

      Appreciate you reading and being a fan, keep checking back for more adventures! πŸ™‚

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