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On-The-Go Egg Nest Cups

Love this super easy, super versatile breakfast for my On-the-go Egg Nest Cups! This is a great way to use up extra meats, veggies, or cheeses you have in your fridge and is so much fun for the kiddos to help customize for what they want to add to their own for breakfast the next morning. Check out my other blog for more details and tips for making them here, and our feature from fellow blogger My Allergy Kitchen on her Dairy-Free Lockdown Recipes Blog Roundup!


Mixed Fruit Jam

This was a fun mixed fruit jam to make as I got to experiment with vanilla bean paste and a food mill for the first time! Loved using in-season plums for this jam as it reminded me of a plum jam my grandma always had in her pantry when we came over to visit.


Freezer-Prep Breakfast Burritos

This recipe for freezer-prep breakfast burritos is perfect for moms on the go, folks needing a quick & easy breakfast, and are delish! These can be customized with almost any dietary needs you have (vegan, vegetarian, etc.). Feel free to use whatever meats, veggies, or cheeses you have in your fridge as well, this is a great way to use those up too!

Recipe Notes:

  • For burrito rolling instructions, reference picture #6 and/or these steps:
    • Step 1 (top left on the picture) curl over the tortilla and & tuck in the filling underneath it.
    • Step 2 (top right on the picture)curl in the sides of the tortilla and tuck in the filling where you just pushed the tortilla in as well.
    • Step 3 (bottom left on the picture) –  continue curling in the sides as you roll the tortilla forward.
    • Step 4 (bottom right on the picture)finish rolling with a sealed burrito! Burrito rolling picture courtesy of Natasha’s Kitchen.

Almond Peach Cobbler

I made this Almond Peach Cobbler with some more local, South Carolina peaches!

The hardest part about this is blanching the peaches to remove the skins, which I’ve included instructions on how to complete below.

This comes out really moist and almost cake-like, and the almonds and brown sugar on top give it a great added crunch!