Hi, my name is Sarah! I love recipe testing, food photography, longs walks (more like sprints) on the beach on vacation with my American Staffy, Cinnamon Bun, and discovering new cuisines and local restaurants to share with you! Thanks so much for the love and support of our foodie adventures :)


  • AnonymousFoodie 4 years ago

    Like always, you have the finest critiquing skills out there!
    We all have a cheese that we’re just a sucker for! Mine is the good old fashion Mozzarella cheese. I find it to be a cheese that is so versatile that it would be hard for me to choose anything else. As Foodie Friends and Family, I think we can all appreciate quality family time (especially when there is food involved). Everyone that read this post is extremely bummed that there were no photos documenting the hilarious struggle with the new chair! The puree definitely did not look the most appetizing but you spoke so highly of it that you give me no choice but to try it. This post was full of substitutions! From the puree to the lasagna. You went above and beyond with the chart. It was such a clever f***king way of giving us 4 unique recipes with options to make our own combinations. XD

    We bow down to you as the Foodie Queen \(^~^)/
    from AnonymousFoodie

    • Smoore1947 4 years ago

      Hi Foodie Friend,

      Thanks so much for the involved response! Mozzarella is one of my favorites especially since I found a non-dairy version that melts and tastes just like the original (Lisanatti Foods for the win)! If you see any recipes on my blog thatโ€™s usually the one I recommend people use.

      Yes, my sisterโ€™s rescue cat was having fun playing with all the cardboard boxes as we were putting the chair together.

      Looks can definitely be deceiving, thereโ€™s quite a few foods around from around the world that donโ€™t look or smell the best but they end up tasting really good. I was happy to have been able to try this one. The recipe comes out just as good with lemons, you could also make it into a lime or an orange curd.

      Oh yes Iโ€™m very organized, I absolutely love an Excel chart so I figured this was a fun way to show a little bit of that part of my personality. Glad you liked it!

      Appreciate you reading and being a fan, keep checking back for more adventures!

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